Author: Joseph Gallagher

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30th September 2021 /

There’s a point during the film where you start to feel like you know where it’s all heading, and you have to start preparing yourself. I never thought I’d tear up at a Bond film, but here I am.

2nd June 2021 /

Warrior is the best show you’re not watching, and you owe it to yourself to catch up before HBO brings us season 3.

4th July 2020 /
26th February 2020 /
30th March 2019 /

Jesse V. Jonhson’s star-studded movie should have been a film to remember, but fails to land any meaningful hits.

9th November 2017 /
6th August 2017 /

Atomic Blonde tries admirably to adapt an interesting comic. But falls short too many times to be a worthwhile or memorable film.

3rd July 2017 /

Baby Driver is an absolutely sumptuous sensory experience. Oh, and the soundtrack is perfect. A delight from start to finish.