Purveyor Of Fine Film Critiques: The Idle Critic

Welcome to The Idle Critic. We’re glad you’re here (saves us the hassle of marketing).

Established in 2017 The Idle Critic is the sporadic purveyor of quality film critiques, articles, and related audio & visual content. Our reviews and opinion pieces also cover the video game industry and on occasion, general pop culture.

A respite from the wider world, The Idle Critic is a space for the like-minded, weary, curious cineastes, cinephiles, gamers, enthusiasts, and those simply looking for a good read.

Peruse some of the articles to get a feel for how things work around here. We’re sure you’ll feel right at home. On the other hand, maybe you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into your drunk grandad’s house whose tasteless and insensitive quips make you want to pretend to get an urgent phone call.

We will also be presenting a semi-regular podcast with topics on key filmmakers and independent productions (but really, this will most likely involve 67% nonsensical rambling). Scheduled visual content includes streams and pre-recorded videos showcasing the latest and greatest in the video game industry.

The Idle Critic hopes to provide you with a happy corner in the weird, ugly and confusing place that is the internet – bringing you honest content and bridging the gap between casual and highbrow coverage of films and culture.

Do you want to reach out to The Idle Critic? You’re invited to send emails in for the podcast (we’ll remind you on the show), reader reviews, and anything else you can think of, really. For all enquiries, including those business related, please email contact@theidlecritic.co.uk 

The Protagonists:


Joseph Gallagher – Founder, Editor In Chief

Favourite Film: Rear Window

Favourite Game: Final Fantasy IX

With a Film Studies degree under his belt and a vehement affinity for cinematography, Joseph has taken his love for the craft and devoted his life to… practicing Wing Chun; really the only prerequisite for a career in the film industry.

His attention is usually on Martial Arts and East Asian cinema, with a keen eye on action choreography, but he gravitates towards any film focused on storytelling and filling each frame with beautiful imagery.

His ethics are woven into the very core of the website: all articles and pieces are filled with honest, and with some luck, informative content. When reporting on the films and games that have caught his attention, Joseph expresses unbiased and candid opinions. We can only hope readers can make sense of his ramblings.

From time to time Joseph will need you to get in touch with him. Whether it’s for an article or just for a chin wag. Contact him at joseph@theidlecritic.co.uk


Vladimir Mitreski – Head of Content

Favourite Film: City Lights (maybe)

Favourite Game: Probably a relic from the Atari era

A degree in Film Studies (and psychoanalysis!), a literary mind, and an eye for what makes a good narrative allows Vladimir to perch confidently at the top of his pedestal here at The Idle Critic.

Having spent his seminal years working for such companies as the BFI and watching multiple films a day – he now has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the silver screen.

Although he has seen far too many films to pick out one, he quotes Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights as a standout.

He knows nothing about games.

Get in touch at vladimir@theidlecritic.co.uk


Steph Houghton – Managing Editor

Favourite Film: Driver

Favourite Game: The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess

Citing films such as Casablanca and Drive as favourites, Steph casts a keen, eclectic eye over proceedings at The Idle Critic. An accomplished woman, earning a degree in linguistics and anthropology, and currently researching international development for a PhD, she brings with her a wealth of invaluable experience and knowledge many can only dream of.

Full of extraordinary anecdotes too great to list in their entirety, Steph has seen every film you can name, yet cannot recall any of them. The perfect candidate to oversee things at The Idle Critic, when she’s not taking care of things over at On The Horizon.

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